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The Labia Library is an online initiative established by Women's Health Victoria to tackle misinformation surrounding labia and tackle some of the most common myths when it comes to vaginal health.

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Series of four pages from The Labia Library: search results, about, homepage, and content warning.

An important resource ready for a refresh

The Labia Library has been a trusted resource for over two million visitors annually since 2013.

After seeing an increase of women considering genital cosmetic surgery, Women's Health Victoria hypothesised that this rise could be curbed if people could see what healthy female presenting genitals look like.

Their commissioned Photo Gallery has grown since then to feature over fifty images of labia, celebrating the similarities and differences of labia. This resulted in feedback from users worldwide appreciating having access to these images and information.

Since 2013, women's health has changed. The content and visuals no longer aligned with their goals, especially after an organisation-wide rebrand in early 2024 which resulted in a less feminine and bolder look.

2013 Labia Library logo

2013 Labia Library Logo

2024 Labia Library logo

2024 Labia Library Logo
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A more accessible website for all

Great efforts were made to make the content more accessible by increasing representation in the photo gallery, adding gender affirming information, and acknowledging their large international audience by promoting international organisations in addition to Victorian and Australian specific resources.

The website itself also followed this same strategy. The updated designs not only refreshed the look and feel to align with Women's Health Victoria's organisation wide rebrand. Highly considered UX made it easier to find visitors' desired information, and provide quick access to the most loved areas of the site.

Ensuring the designs complied with the AA standard for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) allows equal access to this information for all visitors.

Mobile with anatomy page on screen, a vagina diagram on screen.

Diagram illustrated by Emily Dang ↗

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An already loved resource, had a great launch

The lead up to the launch has been an exciting time for everyone involved in the project. Public sentiment has been overwhelmingly positive, with many sharing comments on social media praising the new design and appreciating the updated content.

Projects like these cannot be done alone. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to be involved and designing the new site. The following people have also contributed to the success of the site and deserve to be thanked:

  • Tali Kalman, Charlotte Strong, Kate Johnston-Ataata, and Sianan Healy who I was in direct contact with from Women's Health Victoria
  • Breeana Dunbar, and Katie Huisman who provided photography for the Labia Gallery
  • Emily Dang for illustrating the diagrams featured on the Anatomy page
  • Website development was managed by Women's Health Victoria
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