Logo Animations

When you are starting a business one of the first things you think about is a logo, let me help you get more eyes on your logo and brand.

There is almost nothing that captures the eye more than movement 👀

Animated logos can help draw eyes, but also help solidify your brand. All of the characteristics you want your business to be can be further demonstrated through motion.

Who can benefit most?

Anyone can benefit from an animated logo. However, it can be especially beneficial for those who do a lot of marketing across email and social media.

Outside of marketing you can use them for websites (like me), presentations, and video openings/closings.

What yours could look like

What is included

With my logo animation package you will be ready to flaunt your animated wares in all channels! Be prepared for a bunch of eyeballs! 

Two variants

  • Full logo mark: suitable for email signatures, presentations, videos, and social media
  • Square variant: suitable for profile images (where GIFs are supported—hello Gmail!), and social media

Future proof

  • Work on light/dark backgrounds (especially for emails)
  • Seamlessly loop
  • Align with your brand messaging

File types for every scenario

  • GIF
  • MP4
  • JSON*

*JSON is a file format for web development. In most cases I will be able to provide this file type, it can be finicky with certain effects. I will advise if this effects you.

Two revisions

I'm convinced, let's do this!

What great news, but I know what you're wondering "how much?"



  • Two logo variants: full lockup and square variant to cover all platforms
  • Multiple file types: you will receive a gif, mp4, and in most cases JSON file for each variant
  • Two rounds of minor revisions: so we can make sure your new logo is fully reflective of your brand


I don't have a logo, do you create them?

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My package is based on you having an existing logo. If you need a new logo, or to update your existing one, reach out and I can provide you with a tailored quote and additional advice.

What do I need to provide?

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For animating I’ll need your logo in a vector format (ai, eps, svg). If you do not have your logo in this format, we can discuss what options are available before commencing.

What is your process?

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You can purchase a logo animation package directly from my site, how easy is that!

  • You will fill in a short questionnaire
  • I’ll send you a rough storyboard with my recommendation for how your logo will be animated. If we’re on the same page, I’ll begin working my magic ✨
  • You will receive a watermarked version of the animation for review
  • The package includes up to two minor refinements. If you require more, this will incur additional fees
  • You receive the full logo package. The package includes both variations, in multiple file types - MP4, GIF, and JSON (in most cases).

What sort of logo works best for animating?

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Any logo can be animated! Logos with visual elements or marks (e.g. my blue splodge) can offer more flexibility. However, a great animation is possible for most logos. If for any reason your logo is not suitable, I will provide further advice.

How long will it take to animate?

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In most cases the animation package will be completed within two weeks after purchase.

Can I use the animated logo in other marketing materials, such as videos or presentations?

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Of course! You will receive files that will work perfectly with Powerpoint, Google Sheets, Keynote, and be video ready for any editing program.

What am I waiting for?

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No idea! Click the button below to get started 😎

Let's join forces!

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